iGrapple: Using technology and neuroscience to revolutionize BJJ training

(Review conducted by Johnny Red – MicroBJJ writer/contributor)

In everything we do we should be striving for excellence.  For me my love of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and skill development has lead me to spending hundreds of hours trying to find the most effective ways to train. I have attended hundreds of seminars, private lessons, spent countless hours dissecting the top black belts in the world, and I have traveled all over the world! The average fighter often doesn’t have the same luxuries I have.

Enter iGrapple:


iGrapple is a revolutionary app that is taking the BJJ world by storm and will elevate your game to a new level…

An Endless Resource

Often times we catch ourselves in a position and wonder what the heck do I have to do to capitalize the situation. By

the time we finally mount the attack it’s too late. So we go back home and search and search YouTube to find the solution and it isn’t always what we were looking for. IGrapple fixes that problem. This app has every position, every sub position, and what to do from their based off of our opponent’s reaction. For example, it will show us the proper sweep if we are in open guard with a collar and sleeve grip or the proper escape from bottom crucifix. This sets us up for success in the sense that our game becomes a system to combat anything our opponent does without second thought. You can learn more about the app in my other article of BJJ.org

The Nerdy Side of BJJ Learning

We actually do all of our moves from sub positions as mentioned before, not from a blanket position like mount or full guard. One way we can become better at grappling is to take our moves and categorize them into sub groups and practice each sub group one at a time. Long story short it is easier to learn our moves in smaller groups of related sub moves instead of lumping them into a big group. Smaller groups, more closely related moves in each group, and reactions that fire off triggers to help us recall the other moves from each sub position.

Now you can do this yourself researching, cataloging, and writing down the moves but it will take an exuberant amount of time or you can check out iGrapple where it is already all laid out for you.  Just try out this approach on your own, you’ll notice how many more submissions you get and how you surprise your opponent by making them think there isn’t a position they can put you in that there isn’t a quick technique that you can fight back with. You can learn more about this approach in the video below:

(This style of learning may not be for everyone, and the App may not be for black belts – but it’s worth checking out)

Think about this, if your goal in grappling is to know what to do in every situation then the iGrapple is for you. It’s a no brainer for me. Just think about all the times you’ve caught yourself in a situation where you didn’t know what to do and you would just go weeks on weeks without the knowledge. iGrapple may fill all of the holes in our game that sometimes we didn’t know existed. That, my friends, is a key tool needed for our BJJ success.

So go ahead and check it out! You can find the link to the App right here.

Let me know what you guys think about the app and how it is helping change your game. Personally I am beyond excited to see where it will take me because no matter how good you are, there is still more to learn.

Train hard,

Johnny “Red”

MicroBJJ Writer and Competitor



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